by hackinGlass
First published: Nov 20, 2013 | Current Version: 1.0 (Nov 20, 2013)
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API Android 2.0.1+; Android 6+

App Description

Zap to shop! Choose a color you want by looking down at your feet... and the ShopSense API now loads up clothing of that color that you can put in your queue for later. (Note: TechCrunch hack, with limited API rationing)


INTERNETAllows applications to open network sockets.
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONAllows an application to access fine (e.g., GPS) location
WAKE_LOCKAllows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming


android.hardware.location.gpsThe application uses precise location coordinates obtainedfrom a Global Positioning System receiver on the device.
android.hardware.sensor.accelerometerThe application uses motion readings from an accelerometer on thedevice.